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At Bryn Media we do Portraits and Events Photography; Events Video Coverage and Live-streaming (to youtube and zoom, prices may vary).

We cover all social events like weddings, traditional events (photography only for non-english speaking events), Baby Showers, Birthday parties, Baptisms, Nikkah, Bridal Showers and many others with an exception of Funnels.

Most of us aren’t models, so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of couples tell me when we first meet that they’re not photogenic. These are the same people that you now see filling the galleries on my website in my favourite images. I work with couples that I connect with and yes I absolutely provide direction wherever needed. One of the most important and underrated aspects of photography is choosing a photographer who you feel personally comfortable with; someone that you would actually want to invite to the biggest party you will ever plan, and hopefully, someone who makes you laugh.

This depends on the time of year, as later in the wedding season our editing load builds up a little more as we are busy shooting multiple weddings, engagements and portrait sessions every week. Most couples will wait 3-8 weeks to get their photos, and I guarantee an absolute maximum of 90 days.

Every image you receive is individually edited for color, contrast, exposure and style. Some images occasionally require a little more finessing for temporary things like blemishes and pimples, but things like heavy facial retouching, wrinkle removal or body reshaping are not included with our standard packages but are available for an additional fee.

No, you can print from anywhere but We advise printing with Us to maintain the highest quality of your photos and durable products, because we work with the best in the industry, to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Videos take a much longer time, for us to be able to deliver the quality we stand for, we invest more in fine tuning and editing, unless you opted for express delivery which takes less than 5 weeks. Depending on the kind of event and how busy the season is, videos can take up to 6 months.

We try to capture the entire event based on the agreement you have with us, we film as much as possible. And when it comes to delivery its the whole function, with all your special moments. For example a wedding video with a ceremony, reception party and other preparations is about 90 mins plus.

We get many date availability inquiries, and some clients ask us to reserve it but we always inform them that reservation is only confirmed when a deposit is made. We accept a variety of payments like; Bank deposit, Checks, Cash, Cash App, Debt and Credit Cards. Once you have a receipt then you have booked a date with us.

This is one of the things I go over with my clients when we read through their contract together. For over 15 years in the industry, I’ve never missed an event for any reason and I intend to keep it that way, but as a company, we are fully able to cover your event in case one is not. we have a plan in place for this situation

Having two different companies doing the same task at the same time only creates distractions and interfere with our ability to capture the best possible shots. If you feel another photographer needed, we can provide one so that we can coordinate and figure out the best possible way to cover every moment of you special day. So in a nutshell, Yes if we are providing one.

As the content creator, under US copyright law I am the copyright owner of the images. However, you have the freedom to share, post, scrapbook, and use your images for personal use however you see fit. What you can’t do is provide them to any sort of commercial entity for commercial use, so if your event venue or makeup artist contacts you about using my artwork to promote their business, just send them my way and I would be happy to work out a usage agreement.

Yes, I am fully insured with both equipment insurance and liability insurance

We use everything available to keep in touch; email, phone call, text, Whatsapp. However, if it’s for something important that I might need to reference for your Special event, we would prefer email.

We do not accept bookings for Thanksgiving and Christmas; and on any other day we do not work past 11:00pm.

While we understand that certain occasions may have traditional dress codes (e.g., suits for weddings, kanzu & gomasi for kwanjula & Kukyala), our experience has shown that black attire provides the flexibility, comfort and camouflage necessary for capturing the best moments throughout the day in all weather situations and events. Therefore our dress code is: Black pants, Black shirts or t-shirts, Black shoes suitable for standing all day.

If you still have more questions, you can ask by clicking on the button below or check out our always-growing blog section which is full of helpful information and advice about events in general and events coverage. here